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This site was developed to help animal lovers learn more about their pets and how to care for them. We offer reviews on all kinds of pet products for both large and small domesticated animals. We also feature a blog that is full of tips on things like training, choosing the right pet food, and even bonding with your pet.

Our pets become part of our families and we all want to learn how to keep them healthy and happy. We hope you will find the resources we provide allow you to become a more confident pet owner whether you own dogs, cats, horses, or any animal in-between. Make sure to check back often as we consistently update the site with new information that you are sure to find helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us today!


​Horse Accessories Reviews

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We cover a wide range of products, manufacturers and budgets so you can find the right needs fast!

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​J Scott

Hi, my name is J. Scott and I am a simple small-town girl who grew up living on a farm. Once I moved out on my own, I became even more passionate about animals, including those I cared for in my younger days. My parents always teased me growing up because I constantly had an injured bird, squirrel, or barn cat I was nursing back to health.

I am a true animal lover at heart! From cats and dogs to birds and fish, I have all types of pets. I am always bringing some stray animal home and I love sharing the knowledge I have developed over the years. Together, we can take better care of the pets we so deeply love!