8 Best Fly Masks for Horses {Reviews & Buying Guides 2020}

When annoying flies begin to take over, horse owners will often find their horses suffering from painful and itchy bites that can even make them ill. Thankfully, there are a variety of products that can be used to help keep the flies away. One of the best methods of keeping flies at bay is the best fly masks for horses. With this helpful review guide, we will discuss the ins and outs of choosing the right fly mask, why your horse needs one, and we will review some of the top brands. So, let us get started.

Why Do You Need Fly Masks for Horses?

One of the most significant areas of attack for flies is the face and eyes. Flies love to attack these areas, especially when a horse is hot and sweating. Horses can become extremely irritated when they are being bitten about the face and eyes. With the best horse fly masks, flies will no longer be able to bite your precious horses in these vulnerable areas.

Fly masks not only protect your horse’s eyes, ears, nose, and face from being bitten by annoying flies, but they also help to shield them from the sun’s harsh light. When you purchase the right mask and secure it in place with the proper fit, your horses will be much more comfortable in the spring and summer months when flies become most problematic.

Any horse owner that is not protecting their horses with fly masks could be putting them at risk. You can also put yourself in harm’s way because riding a horse that is being bitten can be dangerous. Your horse may disobey orders and cause you to be harmed because they are so uncomfortable.

Types of Fly Horse Masks

The main difference in fly masks for horses is how they attach. There are also differences in the amount of coverage the mask offers. Knowing what to look for when searching for the Best Horse Fly Control Masks is essential for being able to choose the best product for your horse.

  • Full Face Masks

These masks cover the horse’s face, including their eyes entirely. If your horse gets very fidgety when flies are attacking, this is likely the best type of fly mask to purchase. The material in these fly masks is light enough not to cause excess heat and discomfort, making them entirely comfortable for horses.

  • Fly Masks with Ears

Because many horses get attacked in their ears with painful fly bites, providing them with a full mask that includes coverings for the ears can help. These ear covers help to shield the ears to ensure flies cannot enter. They are light-weight enough to allow for ideal air circulation in the ears, for a higher level of comfort.

  • Fly Masks Without Ears

If your horse does not become bothered by flies biting them in the ears, a mask without ear coverings will be sufficient. If you choose this mask, simply monitor the horse’s ears for any signs of bites or discomfort.

  • Detachable Nose Guards

Some horses will not wear these nose guards because they can be irritating and prevent them from feeling comfortable while breathing. Masks that offer detachable nose guards are ideal because they can be removed. There are also fringe attachments that can help keep flies at bay without completely covering the nose.

Best Fly Mask For Horses​

Top 8 Picks of the Best Fly Masks for Horses 2020

With so many fly masks on the market, it can be a little overwhelming choosing the best mask to meet your horses’ needs. We have taken care of all the work for you and are offering a full guide with reviews on many of the best fly masks on the market. We want you to be prepared to make the best purchase.

​#1) Cashel Crusader Long Nose/Ear Mask- Best Long Nosed Fly Masks for Horses

There are several key points we really like about this fly mask. This mask is made with the ultimate level of comfort in mind, and it offers complete protection to all the vulnerable parts of the horse’s face.

The fresh mesh material blocks out harmful UV rays that can lead to burns and sensitivities, and it helps to ensure there is always adequate airflow getting to your horse’s face.

This mask is meant to stay put and does not slip around like some other masks that have simply not been made to contour the curves of the horse’s facial features.

​There are multiple sizes available, including the following:

  • Weanling/Small Pony
  • Yearling/Large Pony
  • Arab/COB
  • Draft
  • Horse
  • Mini/Foal
  • Warmblood

It is essential you carefully measure your horse to determine which size should be purchased. The fasteners were easy to attach, and the mask really did perform well and stay put.

We consider this mask to be one of the best long-nosed fly masks for horses. Our horses usually fidget and become very unsettled out in the summer, but these masks help to keep the flies off them, and they feel much more comfortable.


  • Offers the highest level of protection against flies
  • Recommended by horse clinicians and equestrian magazines
  • Covers the entire horse’s face
  • Soft-coated nylon that is fully breathable
  • Blocks 70% of the sun’s harmful rays


  • The nose mask is not detachable, but it did not bother our horses at all

​#2) ​DakPets Horse Fly Mask with Ears

First of all, I really liked the cool look of this fly mask. It is one of the most stylish we have seen on the market, and we have tested many.

This fly mask completely covers the horse’s ears and eyes, but it does not cover the nose. The eye openings are made of mesh, so it is easy for your horse to see without being bombarded with flies.

The stretchable nylon material seems so comfortable, and my horses did not mind me putting it on them at all. Once again, they actually seemed bothered when I removed it.

The ear covers are made from the same mesh material as goes over the eyes, making them comfortable and keeping them cool by allowing for heightened air circulation.

A comfortable strap goes around the horse’s neck, keeping the fly mask in perfect position. What we really thought was unique about this fly mask is how much it stretches. You can put this on just about any horse, and it will fit well. The neck strap fits horses with neck circumferences up to 100 centimeters.


  • Cool color and style
  • Mesh covers eyes for comfortable vision
  • Mesh covers ears for extra airflow
  • Neck strap holds the mask entirely in place
  • Is adjustable


  • Not available in multiple sizes but adjusts for a perfect fit

#8) Durvet DuraMask Fly Mask for Horses

Durvet is a company that many horse owners rely on. They offer some of the best fly masks on the planet, and they are made to stand up to a lot of abuse. We have tried a lot of fly masks over the years and were really impressed with this one.

I was a bit skeptical because this mask does not cover the entire face and ears. I was afraid my horse would not be comfortable, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The mask offers soft padding that cradles the horse’s eyes and the bridge of their nose. We were really impressed with the fleece-lined edges that prevented rubbing against the sensitive tissues. My horses seemed to love the mask and actually raised a fuss when I removed it.

The light-weight material is comfortable on a horse’s skin, and it does not seem to cause excess heat to rise up. Because it reflects the sun away from the horse’s eyes, there is no eye burn and other discomforts your horses will have to deal with.


  • Light-weight material
  • Easy to put on
  • Does not cause discomfort
  • Reflects heat and the sun’s rays
  • Completely protects the eyes


  • Does not protect the ears and nose
Best Horse Fly Masks

Things to Consider Before You Buy Best Horse Fly Mask

As with any purchase, there are a few things you will need to consider before you purchase one of the best fly masks for horses. Knowing what to look for, in addition to our helpful review guide, should assist you in making the best purchase for your horse’s needs.

  • Light-Weight Mesh Material

If you want your horses to remain entirely comfortably, mesh, light-weight material is the way to go. You do not want your horses sweating uncomfortably because the fabric of the fly mask is too heavy and does not allow enough breathability.

  • Stays in Place

You need a fly mask that is going to stay in place. If the mask is too loose, it is going to move up and down over your horse’s face and cause discomfort or even disrupt their view of being able to see. The mask should be secure but not too tight.

  • Offers Full Protection

Ideally, you would want to choose a full protection mask like our first suggestion offers. If your horse simply cannot stand a nose or ear covering, there are many other options available. Go with a mask that offers as much protection as your horse will allow comfortably.

Three Ways to Protect Your Horse’s Eyes

The eyes of your horse are one of its most important body parts, but they are also the most vulnerable. It is incredibly essential you protect your horse’s eyes at all times. They can be damaged by the sun and irritated by biting insects.

  • Having them wear a fly mask is one of the easiest ways of protecting their eyes against the blaring sun and biting insects, such as flies. When flies bite at the corners of the eyes and on the eyelids, they can cause significant discomfort and sometimes even infections.
  • You can also protect your horse’s eyes with fly sprays. Some fly sprays are suitable for spraying around the eyes, but great care should be taken to avoid any of the product getting inside the horse’s eyes.
  • There are also insect wipes that may be more suitable for use around the eyes. You can easily wipe these on the upper and lower lids to give maximum protection at all times. Reapply according to the instructions.

FAQs About Best Fly Mask For Horses

We enjoy hearing from our readers like you and often get a lot of questions regarding fly masks, so we decided to write up this guide to help. The following are the top three questions we have received.

  • How Do I Measure My Horse?

To measure for a fly mask, make sure to measure the circumference of the neck and the jaws. You can also measure from the ears to the nose for a perfect fit.

  • How Do I Care for My Horse Fly Masks?

Most of the masks in our reviews are machine washable. Those that are not can usually be washed by hand. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer for the best results.

  • What Is the Best Material for Horse Masks?

You want to make sure you choose a light-weight, flexible material to ensure your horse will remain comfortable in the hottest temperatures. Our horses seemed to prefer mostly mesh.

Final Words

​Choosing a fly horse mask is not all that difficult, especially after reading our guide. We are happy to provide you with the most informative information on the best fly masks for horses, so you will be able to make a choice that protects your horses from the pesky flies that seem to come out in droves during the hot spring and summer months of the year.

Feel free to click on the links to learn more about the fly masks in our reviews. As always, we love hearing from our many readers, just like you. 

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