Top 6 Billy Cook Saddles Reviews 2021 With Guides

The right saddle is essential for the comfort of you and your horse. Without the right saddle, slippage can occur and pressure can be placed on the horse’s spine. Degenerative changes can occur to a horse’s spine over time, and these changes are sometimes caused by improperly fitting saddles. With our Billy Cook saddles reviews, horse owners will be able to find the ideal saddle to protect their horses during long rides.

This comprehensive guide will offer plenty of information to help horse owners understand what to look for when purchasing a new saddle for their horses. It will also help readers to understand why a Billy Cook saddle is the best choice.

Why Choose Billy Cook Saddles?

There is a wide array of Billy Cook saddles available for all types of horse-riding experiences. There are also horse saddles that are designed for specific horse breeds. These saddles are made of the finest leathers and durable materials that will hold up for many years to come.

Many horse owners have come to rely on Billy Cook Saddles for ensuring their horses are comfortable, along with themselves. These saddles cradle the backs of horses and prevent pressure points from arising, which can lead to pain.

Purchasing a horse saddle is an investment and not one that should be taken lightly. Although some saddles are more expensive than others, the adage of "You get what you pay for" certainly applies.

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Top 5 Billy Cook Saddles

Many horse riders swear by Billy Cook barrel saddles, and for good reason. These saddles are top of the line and are known for their durability. We have combed through the best Billy Cook saddle options. Although it is difficult to choose only a handful, these are our top five picks of Billy Cook saddles that live up to the hype and continue to stand above the rest.

#1) Billy Cook Runnin’ Tres Aces Horse Saddle

If you are searching for a stunning horse saddle, this one will not disappoint. It is available in multiple sizes, including 14 inch, 15 inch, and 16 inch.

We will first talk about aesthetics because this is certainly a beauty. The square skirt and beautifully-scalloped design stand out from other horse saddles in its class. The horn, cantle twist, and stirrups are all wrapped in rawhide, giving this saddle a one-of-a-kind look. The beautifully detailed tooling makes this saddle so breathtaking.

The roughout portions of the saddle help the rider to hold on tight, even through demanding rides, making riding a horse much safer and more comfortable. A single slip in the wrong direction can lead to serious injuries, and this saddle helps to prevent those spills.

Just like all Billy Cook saddle models, so much detail has gone into this one that it becomes a conversation starter. Every detail has been loving designed with true Western riders in mind. If you have never owned a Billy Cook Saddle, you are certainly in for a treat. This is one of those saddles you must see and experience for yourself to be able to appreciate.

Featured Highlights:

  • The horn features 4 inches of braided rawhide
  • The tree is an Armor-Tex barrel racer
  • Offers a pecan finish with beautiful floral tooling
  • 2-inch rawhide-wrapped stirrups


  • Weighs in at around 25 pounds, offering the right weight for most horse riders
  • Made of the most durable of leathers for lasting beauty
  • Perfect for all types of horse riding
  • Available in 14”, 15”, and 16”


  • Not available in multiple colors, but the design is stunning

#2) Billy Cook Wave A Smokin’ Barrel Horse Saddle

This Billy Cook saddle is a classic and a favorite among enthusiasts. The many details put into crafting this saddle make it a beautiful choice for many types of riders. The Carlos edge tooling on this saddle is absolutely beautiful and makes it stand out from the rest.

The hand-laced seat is made of suede and the saddle features braided rawhide on the horn and cantle. The walnut finish offers a deep and rich brown leather that looks beautiful on horses. With its high level of comfort and support, riders and horses will not feel any fatigue, even on long rides.

When it comes to horse saddles, there are a lot of choices on the market. You cannot go wrong with any of the Billy Cook saddle models, and that is especially true of this beauty.

From the rich details to the beautiful finish, this is a horse saddle that will bring both rider and horse many years of comfort and joy while riding.

Featured Highlights:

  • Has a cantle height of 5 inches
  • Horn height is 3 inches
  • The semi-Quarter Horse bar length is nineteen-inches
  • Offers 2-inch stirrups


  • Beautiful design that offers an amazing Western look
  • Roughout areas help to hold riders in place more securely, so they are less likely to slip
  • Hand-stamped tooling adds to the beautiful design
  • The hand-details ensure the design will look beautiful for many years to come


  • May not fit all riders (take careful measurements before purchasing)

#3) Billy Cook Reno Flex Trail Horse Saddle

Billy Cook Saddlery has come up with many saddle beauties over the years, and this Flex Trail Horse Saddle is no exception. If you like classic, rugged design, you will fall in love with this saddle. It is available in both 16-inch and 17-inch designs.

This beautifully designed saddle features tooled Cheyenne roll rigging that compliments the rugged design. The seat of this saddle is made of the most durable top-grain leathers, for a smooth and lasting saddle seat for riders.

Billy Cook Saddlery has included an amazing border tooling on the fenders, skirts, and jockeys. The hand-engraved silver conchos with long leather cords make this beautifully designed Western saddle complete.

This saddle seat is one of the most comfortable you will ever sit on. The ultra-lush padding on this saddle seat will surround you in comfort, even on long rides. This Billy Cook saddle is highly comfortable for both horse and rider.

If you are looking for a classic look, a rugged design, and extreme comfort, then this Reno Flex Trail Horse Saddle is likely the one for you. Just like every other Billy Cook saddle, this one offers a level of durability and class that cannot be matched.

Featured Highlights:

  • The bars are wide Quarter Horse
  • Has a 7-inch gullet
  • Offers a 5-inch Cheyenne roll cantle
  • The tree is Ralide Flex


  • The rugged design offers lasting comfort and beauty
  • The stirrups are crafted from natural rawhide Bell that has been hand-laced
  • The seat is made of top-grade leather with extra padding for comfort
  • The bar length is substantial at 20 ¼ inches


  • May not be available in smaller sizes

#4) Billy Cook Lady Roper Saddle

This Billy Cook saddle is one of the most ornate in its class. The beautiful hand-tooled designs seem to spring from the leather with rich detail. This saddle was specifically made for lady riders, offering them a beautiful design, with a ruggedness that will last.

This is the kind of saddle you want to use when roping cattle. This well-designed roping saddle offers riders the freedom of movement they require for being able to chase and rope and dally a cow with more ease.

Roping saddles are different than other horse saddles because they offer a stronger tree and a horn that is deeply anchored. Without these two aspects of any Billy Cook Saddle for roping, ropers will find it difficult to catch their cattle.

Like all Billy Cook saddlery, this saddle is made in the United States of America and much of the details are carried out by hand, right down to the braiding and lacing.

Featured Highlights:

  • Offers a 14½-inch seat tree
  • Made with a bull hide roper horn
  • The cantle is 3 ½ inches with rawhide embellishment
  • Weighs around 38 pounds


  • The beautiful design will please most lady ropers
  • Durable leather will hold up to many years of roping
  • Offers a well-anchored horn for better roping
  • The tree is strong enough to withstand the demands of roping


  • Only geared towards women riders

#5) Billy Cook’s Classic Half-Breed Horse Saddle

In our humble opinion, this is one of the most beautiful saddles Billy Cook has ever produced. The richly detailed tooling is something you have to see in-person to be able to appreciate.

What most horse riders love about Billy Cook Saddles is they are never alike. Although they may have the same designs, because they are handmade, there are always subtle differences that allow you to tell one apart from another.

The seat on this saddle has a nice depth that will allow you to sit comfortably, even on long rides. This is an ideal saddle for barrel racing. Barrel racing requires lightweight saddles for speed and comfort. This saddle weighs in at only 27 pounds, which is much lighter than trail saddles.

Featured Highlights:

  • The tree is covered in rawhide and offers a quarter horse bar and gullet
  • The horn is 1 ¾-inches and is covered in a BC cap
  • The skirts are lined with artificial wool
  • The saddle offers 2-inch bell stirrups that are tooled


  • This is an absolutely beautiful saddle you must see to believe and appreciate
  • This saddle is lightweight enough for barrel racing
  • The level of comfort in the seat is amazing
  • The seat size is 15 inches


  • Some of the smaller sizes are more difficult to find
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Buying Guide

We would be remiss if we left out the information you should look for when purchasing a Billy Cook saddle. As stated above, you cannot go wrong with any Billy Cook saddle, but it is always best to purchase one according to your riding style and whether you will be barrel racing, roping, or trail riding. Consider the following before you purchase any horse saddle.


The proper measurements are essential when it comes to choosing a saddle. You will need to make sure to measure for your horse’s gullet and know the width of your backside before making a purchase. A wider seat will be more comfortable for most, but it is important the seat also is accommodating with surrounding comfort to reduce the chances of slipping off the saddle.


There are both synthetic and leather horse saddles available. Neither one is especially superior over the other, but they do have marked differences. Most riders choose a synthetic saddle, like polyester, because of its lightweight feel and weather-proofing. Leather saddles, on the other hand, typically are more durable and offer more of a classic Western look. Do your homework regarding both so you can make sure to purchase the right saddle.

How will you ride?

This is, perhaps, one of the biggest factors when it comes to choosing a Billy Cook saddle. If you are a roper, you are going to need a saddle that offers a strong tree and deeply anchored horn. If you primarily trail ride, an English saddle or Western trail saddle will suffice. Think of how you will mainly be riding and then make a choice.


The design of the horse saddle is undoubtedly something riders are going to want to consider. Some people prefer a classic design, while others prefer a more modern appeal. Because purchasing a Billy Cook saddle is an investment, it is wise to choose a design that speaks to you as a rider. The saddle should complement your own personal style.


No matter what type of horse riding you do, comfort is an important consideration when it comes time to choose a saddle. It is wise to look for a saddle that offers the right width and seat depth. The horse saddle seat also needs to be deeply padded. It is wise to carefully research the options and learn as much as possible about a horse saddle before making a purchase.

History of Billy Cook – what you need to know

Billy Cook Saddlery is a business that was first established in 1970 when Billy Cook met Bill Potts. They formed a partnership that led to Billy Cook Saddles. Billy Cook is known for his expert work in handcrafting horse saddles.

For the last fifty years, Billy Cook Saddlery has been a company horse riders rely on for all their saddle needs. These saddles seem to transcend time and offer a lasting beauty that cannot be duplicated by other, inferior saddlery companies.

Although Billy Cook is no longer alive, his saddle designs and legacy live on for horse riders all over the world. You cannot be a horse enthusiast in the United States and not have heard of this master saddle maker. With his beautiful designs, horses and riders remain comfortable and safe during all types of rides, whether on the trail or in competition.


It can be difficult choosing among the many Billy Cook Saddle options, so we are here to help answer some of the frequently asked questions our readers send in. The following offers answers to the top three questions we receive regarding Billy Cook saddles.

  • Should I choose a saddle with wool or foam flocking?

Flocking is important because it helps offer pressure relief and comfort. Most horse riders have found wool flocking to be superior over foam because it conforms to the horse’s body and is much more breathable than a man-made material like foam.

  • Is it okay to use the same saddle on different horses?

Generally speaking, the answer to this question would be no. While it can be possible to use the same saddle if all the horses have the same spine curvatures, it is usually not recommended by equine veterinarians. A custom-fit saddle for each horse ensures proper safety and comfort.

  • What does it mean when a saddle description says adequate clearance over the wither?

A saddle always needs to clear the wither, whether the rider is jumping, roping, running, or trail riding. If there is not full wither clearance, injuries and pain can occur in the horse. Proper measurements must be taken to ensure the right level of clearance is achieved. Click through each of our Billy Cook barrel saddles reviews for further information.

Final Words

A beautifully made saddle can last for decades if it is properly maintained. Billy Cook saddles stand out from the rest because they were designed and made by a legend. Billy Cook took his skills and partnered with Bill Potts to create an unforgettable name and brand.

If you have never used a Billy Cook Saddle, you are missing one of the finest names in the saddle industry. We hope our Billy Cook saddles reviews will help you make the perfect choice for your horse needs.

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