Circle Y Saddle Reviews: Find the Perfect Saddle for Your Horse

Finding the perfect saddle for a horse can sometimes seem like a daunting task. There are so many manufacturers and types that it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Circle Y manufactures some of the most beautiful and comfortable saddles on the market. If you have never had the pleasure of using one of their saddles, you are missing out. This guide offers plenty of information and our Circle Y saddle review. Make sure to read until the end, and you will be given all the information you need for making the right choice for your horse.

Why Choose Circle Y Saddles?

You have a lot of choices for saddle companies, so what makes Circle Y so special? This saddle company is one of the top companies in the United States. Though their style has remained the same for all these years, their manufacturing has changed over the years to meet industry demands. This company has been hand-crafting saddles since 1960 and they continue to hold themselves to the same stringent standards. Over sixty years later, they continue with the same heritage and traditions that have made them one of the most respected saddle manufacturers in the country.

Reviews for Circle Y Saddle

Top 5 Picks of the Best Circle Y Saddles

Before shopping for a horse saddle, it is imperative owners research their options and learn as much as possible about the available saddles and the companies that manufacture them. With our Circle Y park and trail saddle review, we hope to provide our readers with the information they need for making the right purchase. After all, purchasing a saddle is an investment, and one that should never be taken lightly.

1. High Horse Mercury Cordura Saddle for Barrel Racing

In barrel racing, the most minute portion of a second can make a huge difference in the outcome of the race.

Being a strong competitor in barrel racing takes the right skills and the right saddle.

This saddle is lightweight, coming in at only 22 pounds. It is made of leather and a synthetic hybrid, so it can maintain its light weight. 

This saddle was made to keep barrel racers safe with the roughout seat jockeys that help the rider to have a much stronger grip during the race. This saddle offers a five-inch cantle for security and a braided rawhide horn.

The look of the saddle is beautiful and will appeal to many types of riders. This saddle offers a beautiful turquoise seat with a black skirt and trim. With the antique AB crystal tooling, it is a sight to behold. This saddle comes in multiple sizes that range from 14 inches to 17 inches.

Circle Y stands behind all of its saddles, offering an impressive 10-year warranty and a one-year workmanship warranty. Because they are made of partially synthetic materials, the price is lower than some brands, but do not let that fool you. This is a quality-made saddle through and through.

Highlighted Features:

  • Weighs in at 22 pounds
  • Cantle height is 5 inches
  • Provides a wide fit for horses that are rounder or mutton
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • The beautifully designed saddle offers an old-world feel
  • Handmade in Yoakum, Texas for supreme craftsmanship
  • Offers a ten-year warranty
  • Ideal for barrel racing


  • Is not available in multiple colors

2. High Horse Eldorado Saddle

This Circle Y saddle is perfect for trail riding and offers plenty of support for riders. The Ralide flexible tree allows horses to move more freely, making the ride much more comfortable for them.

This saddle can maintain a lightweight feel because of the Cordura fenders and skirts.

 For trail riding, you want a lighter weight saddle that does not burden your horse. This saddle weighs in at only 22 pounds.

This High Horse Eldorado saddle offers a classic beauty any horse rider can appreciate. The padded seat is definitely something most riders are going to appreciate on long trails, so their backsides do not become painful. The padding also helps to cushion the shocks that come with trail riding.

If your horse has a high wither, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right saddle. Thankfully, this saddle offers plenty of clearance for high withered horses, with a reliable fit. This saddle also offers a wide tree, fitting wider horses with broader shoulders.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers adjustable rigging, so you can get a perfect fit
  • The cantle height is 4 inches
  • Offers a Ralide flexible tree for greater comfort
  • The horn is 3 ¼ inches


  • This is a lightweight saddle that weighs only 22 pounds
  • The adjustable rigging allows for a secure fit
  • Offers an easy-to-care-for fleece-lined skirt
  • Leather swell with a very smooth cantle finish


  • May not fit all horses — be sure to measure carefully

3. Alpine Flex 2 Saddle for Trail Riding

The deep rich Walnut finish on this saddle makes it a thing of beauty. This saddle’s Flex 2 skirts are made with a neoprene liner that helps to absorb sweat and make it evaporate for the comfort of the horse and rider.

Circle Y has been working on perfecting this design and have recently upgraded their tunnel skirt design.

This is a saddle that is meant for providing an ideal fit, for the perfect level of comfort and support at all times.

This saddle is truly a work of art and you can see the hand details in every aspect of the design. Circle Y saddles are known for their classic designs, and this Alpine Flex 2 is no exception.

This particular saddle is available with an Apache or a black grain out seat, depending on your preferences. The rigging is three-way adjustable, so you can get a precise fit. This saddle can be built to order, offering the perfect fit for any horse.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers a 5-inch cantle
  • 3-inch horn
  • The rigging is three-way and adjustable
  • Available in Apache or black grain out seat


  • Easily adjusts for a more perfect fit for all horses
  • Provides even weight distribution for greater comfort for the horse
  • The cap tree is available in regular and wide
  • The dual bar system provides flexibility and stability


  • Can take up to six weeks for delivery, but is worth the wait

4. Fischer Treeless Daisy Saddle for Barrel Racing

Treeless saddles have become quite popular over the years, leading to many companies manufacturing them for riders. A treeless saddle is considered a more natural choice because they more easily adjust for different horses.

These saddles can flex and easily move with the horse, preventing rubbing and pressure points. This Fischer Treeless saddle is in the ultra-light category, which means it is ideal for barrel racing. 

Too much weight can throw off a horse and cause problems with speed, and that is something you certainly do not want while barrel racing.

With a treeless design, the horse and rider can have closer contact, which helps to keep the horse calm and the rider in control. While a treeless saddle is not for everyone, many barrel racers have learned it allows them to be more intuitive in giving their horses commands.

This saddle features forward-hung fenders, which is incredibly important for barrel racers. It helps to keep the horse rider’s legs from falling behind them and creating imbalance, which could be dangerous.

Highlighted Features:

  • The treeless design offers total freedom in movement
  • Offers a 3-inch horn
  • Available in multiple seat sizes, including 13.5 inch, 14.5 inch, 15.5 inch, and 16.5 inch
  • Weight is approximately 26 pounds


  • Allows for a more intuitive riding experience when barrel racing
  • This saddle is entirely flexible and lightweight for racing
  • The saddle is stylish for all types of riders
  • Offers a 5-inch cantle


  • Some riders prefer a tree, but treeless options are becoming popular

5. XP Junction Roping Saddle

If you are a roper, this is a saddle you are going to want to check out, because it is specifically made for ropers.

There are a few things that set apart a horse saddle meant for roping. These saddles typically have a larger and taller horn.

They also often contain roughout areas that help to prevent the rider from slipping.

Circle Y has placed a lifetime warranty behind this saddle model. That is mostly unheard of in the industry. These saddles are hand-crafted, so Circle Y is proud to stand behind their work. You will not find a better saddle for roping in the industry.

This saddle is made with a suede seat and roughout patches to keep you in the seat, comfortable, and secure. With roping, there is always a chance of slipping in the saddle, and Circle Y has made sure to put in measures that help to prevent this.

Highlighted Features:

  • The cantle is 3 ½ inches
  • Weighs in at about 40 pounds
  • Hand-tooled and stitched
  • The horn is 2 ¼ inches


  • This is a durable saddle with a lifetime guarantee
  • The tree is fiberglass-infused for added strength
  • Offers beautifully antiqued rigging
  • Roughout seat jockeys for stability


  • Is on the heavy side, but great for roping
Circle Y Saddle

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Making an informed choice is possible with our Circle Y High Horse saddle review. Before purchasing any Circle Y saddle or from another manufacturer, certain things must be considered. By thinking about the following before you buy, you will be better able to make a purchase that is an investment for your horse.

Size matters

As with any saddle, you must purchase one that will fit your horse. You need to make sure and measure your horse across the withers and down the length of the back. Not every saddle will fit every horse. Not every horse owner can afford to have a custom-fitted saddle made. Thankfully, many of the saddles we reviewed offer rigging that allows for a more custom fit.

Style of saddle

Just like there are different styles of riding, there are also different styles of saddles. If you are primarily a barrel racer, you will need to choose a saddle that is lightweight in design. If you are a roper, you need a higher horn and a roughout. For trail riding, there are also specific saddle models that can be purchased. Make sure to choose the right saddle for the riding you will be doing.

Weight Is important

It is wise to learn about the weight of the horse saddle before purchasing. Some saddles can weigh as much as fifty pounds or more. If you do not have the strength to lift and mount the saddle on the horse, you will find it difficult to use. Lightweight saddles are better for barrel racing or simple trail riding. Weightier saddles are often used in roping.


The materials the saddle is constructed of matter for their longevity and durability. If the saddle is made from cheap materials, it is more likely to become damaged in a short amount of time. Leathers and strong polyesters are good materials to choose from when looking for a horse saddle.

Circle Y vs. Billy Cook: Which one Is best?

While there are many horse saddle manufacturers on the market, there are two that stand out from the rest. Circle Y and Billy Cook are both American-based saddle companies that have become well-respected over the years. Both companies were formed around the same time and both offer some of the same design aspects with hand-lacing and construction. For many, they are so similar it simply boils down to preference. You cannot go wrong purchasing a horse saddle from either company.


We get a lot of questions submitted from readers like you and we love being able to answer as many as possible. The following will answer three of our top questions regarding Circle Y saddles. As always, feel free to submit your own questions to be considered for future publications.

Do Circle Y saddles have different company stampings?

Since Circle Y has been around for so many years, they have different manufacturers that make their saddles. As a result of different saddle manufacturing locations, you may see a stamp that says, Cow Country, Rebel, Sweet Home, or Shiner. All of these are official Circle Y saddles.

What is the best way to polish the silver tac on my Circle Y Saddle?

Because all silver tac on Circle Y saddles are electro-plated and protected with anti-tarnish applications, you should only clean and polish the tac with a soft damp washcloth. Using anything else could cause tarnishing or other types of damage.

What kind of warranty does Circle Y offer?

Unless otherwise stated, the company offers a ten-year warranty, a one-year warranty for parts, and a one-year warranty on the silver tac. If you have any further questions, it would be best to contact the manufacturer.

Final Words

We hope that this Circle Y saddle review will help guide you in making a purchase. Please feel free to click through each of the links so you can view the saddles and learn more about each Circle Y model. A beautifully designed saddle will offer protection, comfort, and style for both you and your horse. Circle Y is a horse saddle manufacturer horse owners have come to rely on for over sixty years and for good reason. 

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