5 Best Double T Saddle Reviews 2020 With Feathers

One major problem faced during prehistoric times was transporting people and material from one place to another. This issue was quickly resolved with the introduction of saddles. A saddle is a supportive structure that is fastened to the back of an animal and can transport materials and passengers.

You get to choose from an enormous list of options for saddles today. However, checking out the five best double T Saddle Reviews can help you purchase one of the best products for your need.

Most commonly used on horses, these products, after a period, started being applied to camels, oxen, and other animals. Different saddles are prepared and set up depending on the animal type. The Double T Saddle has come a long way from its ancestors and provides the utmost comfort and elegance at the best possible prices.

Why Choose Double T Saddles?

If you are worried that your Saddle would rust off, then it is recommended to go for this variety of Saddle. This product is made of stainless steel and is crafted with authentic D & D leather. To top it up, these products have a five-year warranty, which secures the buyer's investment and interest. Various sizes and styles are available for purchase in the market that too at reasonable pricing.

These saddles don't just introduce the rider to the western riding society but also stays with them for years because of the excellent quality. They have a specialization in trail, pleasure, barrel, and show varieties for adults. The synthetic and nylon variants are also good options when looking for something light and less on maintenance. Even though these saddles are priced quite nominally, the variety, quality, and longevity of these products work way beyond.

Top 5 Double T Saddle Reviews

With time there have been so many innovations, and more products have been introduced in the market. Here we are listing the top 5, which would help filter the user list and purchase the best Saddle.

#1) Double T Barrel Style Saddle with Filigree Print Seat

These saddles are manufactured and available in 3 sizes keeping the customer's needs in mind. It has a medium-sized oil basket with weave tooled skirts, cantle, pommel, and floral tooled accents. There is a serpentine tooled border for jockeys, fenders, and skirts. This product comes with a brown filigree topped grain leather seat.

Accented with unique cut out cross Conchos, rawhide braided horn, and silver laced rawhide cantle, it has cemented its name in the market for its quality. They also come equipped with D rings on the front of the skirts, off billet, a leather latigo tie strap, and aluminum stirrups. Though there are various features assembled into this beauty, this product weighs just 23 lbs.

Key Features

  • Weaved tooled skirts
  • Floral tooted cantle, pommel, and accents
  • Available in multiple sizes as per the buyer's needs
  • Manufactured in 3 sizes, which are 14 inches, 15 inches, and 16 inch
  • 7-inch gullet marks to be a perfect fit for this product


  • Best materials are used while manufacturing this product.
  • It priced relatively less for the kind of features and benefits that it offers.
  • Various sizes are available for this product, which the buyer can choose based on his/her need.


  • Requires some extra effort for maintaining and keeping this beautiful Saddle clean and tidy.

#2) Double T Youth Hard Seat Roper Style Saddle

When we talk about this specific product, it is said that it is very cleverly designed and made. This Saddle features a smooth leather pommel, fluffy leather skirt, and rough out hard leather seat. The dresses are accented with a beautiful floral tooled border.

Moreover, this product comes equipped with off billets, leather latigo, and front D rings. The Saddle is accented with leather strings giving it a distinctive feature. This product is available in both 12-inch and 13-inch sizes. When compared with various other saddles, this particular product is even lighter, weighing only 19 lbs.

Key Features

  • Rough Out leather
  • Light-weighted
  • 11 inch Swell
  • 3 inch Horn
  • 3.5-inch Cantle 23 to 28-inch stirrups


  • Solid construction makes it durable and last for years
  • The stern seat not only proves to be beneficial for the rider but also has a longer life span than other saddles.
  • The leather strings used in these saddles help tie various gears such as lariats, canteens, slickers, and saddlebags to the Saddle.


  • They are considered to be heavier when compared with synthetic counterparts.

#3) Double T Training Saddle

This product has cemented its name in the market because of the high-quality materials used to manufacture them. The seat is made from Suede leather. Known to be heavy and rightly so as it is double rigged and comprises of strong leather laced stirrups. The front and back skirts of this Saddle is equipped with stainless steel Dee's. The pommel is also reinforced with rawhide. Moreover, the manufacturers have used silver Conchos as well to accent.

Overall, heavy-duty, healthy, and sturdy, and long-lasting are a few terms that describe this product. As compared with various other saddles, this product is quite massive, weighing approximately 32 lbs.

Key Features

  • Usage of Suede material on the seat
  • Strong and durable product
  • 16-inch seat, 12-inch swell, 7-inch gullet, 3-inch horn & 3.5-inch cantle
  • Availability of adding holes to the stirrup leather


  • Heavy-duty lace stirrups make this product sturdy and robust.
  • Full quarter horse bars add to the durability and life of the Saddle.
  • The presentence of stainless steel dee's along the skirt's the front and back simakesmake it works double duty.


  • Available in the very light shade, which can be a problem as maintaining cleanliness can be a task mainly because it's synthetic

#4) Double T Treeless Saddle

As the name suggests, the product is quite distinct from other treeless Saddle. This make is accented with basket weave tooled skirts, pommel, silver engraved Conchos, cantle, and fenders. Like similar products, this Saddle has a suede leather seat, black and backed with aluminum stirrups.

Reading this Double T Treeless Saddle review will make you aware that they designed to adjust with any horse, lightweight, flex, move with the horse's motion, and provide closer contact to the rider. This Saddle is a mixture of medium brown and black colors.

Key Features

  • Silver-colored engraved conchos
  • 16-inch black suede seat
  • 13-inch swell
  • 3-inch horn
  • 5-inch cantle
  • Possibility to add additional holes in the stirrup leather


  • Light-weighted
  • Ability to adjust automatically for every horse
    This product is a treeless make unlike other saddles


  • Are majorly recommended when the traditional saddles do not fit

#5) Double T GAITED Western Endurance Saddle

Unlike various other saddles, this Saddle has a padded seat. After the double T western saddle review, users would understand that this is a tough product meant to be used for years. It available in 16 inches and 17 inches, and the seat is a top grain make. Equipped with Semi Quarter Horse bars, this Saddle is a tree make.

Covered with Fiberglass, it is quite durable and sturdy. The Saddle also provides the facility to add extra holes to the stirrup for the perfect adjustment. Weighing just 26 lbs., this is not amongst the lightest Saddle, but it is certainly not the heaviest.

Key Features

  • Semi Quarter Horse Bars
  • Top Grain Seat
  • 12-inch swell, 6.5-inch gullet, 2.75-inch horn, & 4-inch cantle


  • Five years warranty
  • Availability of a padded seat
  • Wood Tree covered with Fiberglass, which adds to the strength of the product


  • Could be challenging to sit on for longer duration

Things to consider before you buy Horse Saddle

If you plan to purchase a horse, the next thing you must buy is a Saddle. But one must not just buy any saddle. They need the best in terms of durability, longevity, pricing, and features. Double T is known to manufacture some of the best saddles meeting needs of almost every rider.

Various things should be kept in mind before purchasing a saddle—the size, color requirement, maintenance, material preference, features, warranty, etc. One should be aware as to what kind of Saddle they are looking for. This brand specializes in trail, pleasure, barrel, and show saddles for adults.

Light or heavyweight is often a confusion in a buyer's mind, which should be cleared at the purchase time. Another essential fact is that a buyer should get the best features and amenities at the lowest pricing. This brand has you all covered, providing the best products with the most parts, color variants, and durability at very economical pricing.

Another important fact that needs attention is whether the buyer wants a padded seat, a hard seat, and a soft chair as each of them has its requirements and benefits. Double T saddles come in various varieties such as youth saddles, cutting saddles, pleasure saddles, tree saddles, or treeless saddles.

Among all the above, the most critical factor while purchasing a saddle is that it should be comfortable not just for the rider but also for his/her horse.


  • How do you tell what size saddle your horse needs?

Answer – Before purchasing, attach the Saddle to your horse and then sit on it. While riding, the rider should insert 3 – 4 fingers between his thigh and the swell. The Saddle is significant if the rider can fit more than four fingers. Similarly, if three fingers do not work in the space, then the Saddle is small.

  • Do you buy a saddle to fit the horse or the rider?

Answer – A saddle that doesn't fit the rider well would be quite uncomfortable and would eventually throw him out of position. The gullet's width is a feature that determines whether the Saddle would fit your horse perfectly or not.

  • Where should a saddle sit on a horse?

Answer – To judge the Saddle's fit and ensure that the horse moves in the correct pattern, the Saddle needs to be placed in the horse's back position. There needs to be a gap of 2-3 fingers between the Saddle and the shoulder blades. It must be assured that the Saddle should never come in close contact with the dorsal ligament system. Another essential fact to remember is that the Saddle should not extend over the 3rd Lumbar vertebra.


Proper research is equally important to pick the right product from the extensive list. Buying the correct Saddle is of utmost importance. There is a wide range of saddles that the buyer can choose from. The double T saddle reviews featured above give you a genuine idea of what to look for and the best alternative based on your requirements.

The Double T Saddle is among the top products that are available in the market today. They are available in different shades, sizes, specifications, and price range. The best part of these saddles is that they provide the advanced features and options at a low price. It is essential to check on the specifications, size, and color before making the final purchase.

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