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You are reading the article for best glucosamine for horses available in the UK. There is no doubt about it, Glucosamine is quite possibly one of the most popular ingredients found in joint supplements for horses. You will not find many joint supplements that do not contain Glucosamine mostly due to the amazing effects this ingredient has on horse’s joints. Many owners believe this is the miracle ingredient that has the most effect for horses with joint issues and pain and the extensive research carried out reflects this theory well.

Glucosamine is already naturally made in the horse’s body and is known to be a sugar compound. It is present in many of the horse’s molecules in addition to the joint cartilage. There are also small amounts of Glucosamine that can be found within the horse’s bloodstream. You will, however, find that deficiencies are rather rare, but not impossible.

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When we look at horse Glucosamine in a supplement form it is most frequently produced by processing chitin which comes from the hard covering of shellfish such as Shrimp and Lobster. It is usually harvested to be included in supplements.

That being said, in addition to the more natural process of making Glucosamine, it is also highly possible for this ingredient to be produced in a laboratory-type environment as with most ingredients. You will that these days it is more frequently being manufactured in this way. This is to meet the needs of vegetarians and vegans or those with fish allergies by using fungus (Aspergillus Niger) and from fermenting corn.

Glucosamine can be found in several forms. It is fair to say that these variants have very different effects when taken as a supplement. The three main forms found are:

  • Glucosamine sulfate
  • Glucosamine hydrochloride
  • N-acetyl-glucosamine

Glucosamine Sulfate is without a doubt the most common type and you will see it used regularly in supplements taken orally. It can also be taken in powder form which is absolutely ideal for mixing into horse’s feeds, but can also come in a tablet form too (not quite as easy to a administer to your horse).

Horse Glucosamine UK

Glucosamine hydrochloride can also be found frequently in horse joint supplements but contains a much higher content of the ingredient compared with the later (around 99% compared with 60%).

Glucosamine is a powerful, fast-acting ingredient that has a significant soothing effect on horses. It aims to relieve pain and reduce arthritic symptoms. It can be particularly helpful for the maintaining horses that suffer from Osteoporosis. Arthritis and Osteoporosis are unbearable diseases that can heavily affect the daily life of your horse, particularly as they age. Glucosamine works very hard to reduce heat, swelling and inflammation which in turn effectively manages pain allowing your horse to become much more comfortable.

Glucosamine is known very well for its lubricating properties. These act as a solid shock absorber, which helps to cushion your horse’s joints during exercise. It is important that your horse’s joints stay well hydrated which can assist with the suppleness of the joints and free movement.

This ingredient is also renowned for helping to build cartilage around the tough connective tissue that protects the joint area. This effectively maintains the condition of the joint and helps slows down the process of deterioration over time.

Pilot Glucosamine UK

Whether you have an older horse that suffers from arthritic symptoms or a competition horse that carries out fast, intensive work, Glucosamine is without a doubt an all-round winner when it comes to effectiveness. This is why many owners stick to only using supplements that contain Glucosamine. Lots of owners even opt for it in the highest form as a stand-alone supplement.

The best results from using Glucosamine you will find occur from using higher levels of the substance. These days it is not uncommon to find 99%-100% pure Glucosamine in horse joint supplements. This is because it is much more effective in higher doses.

One of the main reasons the dosage seems so high is due to the body’s inability to absorb the full amount provided. Glucosamine isn’t very bioavailable to horse’s and only around 2%-5% fed to horses can actually be absorbed sufficiently. It is very easy to see based on this analysis why so many supplements containing Glucosamine are deemed ineffective. They often don’t contain anywhere near enough ingredient.

Choosing the correct dosage for your horse can be an absolute mindfield. It is always advisable to read the manufacturer instructions. However as stated previously, some of these supplements can provide such a small amount of Glucosamine from the offset that the amount actually absorbed by your horse can be minimal. Glucosamine HCI will usually contain the highest content (approx. 99%). Whereas the content of Glucosamine Sulphate is considerably less and accounts for about 60%.

Glucosamine horses UK

There are many horses that can benefit considerably from the addition of Glucosamine as part of their diet. It is the case that older equines will often suffer from painful arthritis. This can be debilitating and affect their daily lives in a big way. This ingredient can be very helpful in managing those symptoms, ensuring life is much more comfortable for your horse.

Competition horses and those in very heavy or fast work can also reap the benefits of Glucosamine. It is said to be very helpful since one of its primary functions cushion the joints through effective lubrication. For those horses taking part in serious competition where they leave the ground such as jumping disciplines, it can take a much bigger toll on their joints. Glucosamine has proven to be very useful and can speed up recovery time.

It is inevitable that over time joints will deteriorate. Many owners will choose to supplement their horses with Glucosamine regardless of the disciplines they carry out or their age. In general terms, Glucosamine is proven to be safe for any type of equines to consume. This also includes pregnant mares and foals.

It is always a very wise idea if you are unsure about the use of this ingredient to contact your vet. They will be able to provide you with some additional advice for complete peace of mind.

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