Best King Series Saddle Reviews: Check Your Need

A saddle is a comfortable and supportive piece of horse equipment held onto the horseback by a girth or cinch. It provides stability to the rider and a horse as well. The western saddle is made of distinct parts, and each upgrades the riding experience. The most important thing to keep in mind is the kind of riding you are planning because the saddle's choice depends on the intended use.

Additional choices can be made regarding the color choice, stamping or tooling, leather type, cantle height, rigging position, and horn styles. In this article, king series saddle reviews would help you buy the best product to enhance your riding experience.

Why choose King Series saddle?

King Series saddles are generally made of synthetic material making them durable and strong. Despite this, they carry a smaller price tag than saddles made of leather. King Series saddles come in several sizes ranging from saddles for little ponies to big horses so that you can find any size suitable to your horse.

King series saddles are long-lasting and comfortable. They are lightweight, so they are kind to the horseback and rider too. The shock-absorbing capability prevents the discomfort in long bumpy rides. The synthetic saddle features the fenders and skirts that are scratch-resistant, so the rider doesn’t need to think about the rough ground.

Top 5 picks of the Best king series saddle reviews

King Series saddles are among the most popular brands today. They are currently offering multiple types of saddles in different price segments. After comparing these options, you will be in a better position to buy one for yourself.

#1) King Series Mini Rawhide Barrel Saddle

The miniature western barrel saddle with a round skirt and rawhide cantle and stirrups is designed for a miniature horse and small rider in mind.

The king series synthetic saddle review will help you to evaluate the right alternative for you. The saddle is lightweight and small designed to offer maximum maneuverability. It offers protection to the rider during quick turns and sprints. This makes it suitable for gaming events too. The deep seat with a high cantle, higher fork, tall and thin horn with wide swells allows you to comfortably hook the knees. 

Round skirt saddle has lesser skirting around the flank and contoured around the seat. The fundamental advantage of this saddle is that they are lightweight to ease the burden on a horse. It is suitable for short backed horses also. The rawhide covered stirrups, and decorative silver conchos give it a unique look. It also comes with shock-absorbing construction making it adequate for riding on a bumpy road. The comfortable seat enhances the riding experience of the rider.


  • Scratch-resistant skirt and fenders
  • Shock absorption capability
  • Decorative silver conchos
  • Rawhide covered Stirrups


  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable seats
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight


  • May not fit low withered horses

#2) King Series Mini Deluxe Western Saddle

King Series mini deluxe western saddle is designed particularly for the miniature horses. The rough leather with layered silver conchos gives it an attractive look.

Not only adults can enjoy horse riding but young riders also have plenty of options. The disappointing fact is that several western saddles brands are not available for kids, but King Series mini deluxe western saddle is made especially for kids. This is a kid-oriented saddle, and your children will love it. Mini deluxe western saddle is made of supreme-quality material and is available at an affordable price.

The king series western saddle reviews proves its name because its miniature size and lightweight finish allow it to be seamlessly transported to different places. It fits the horse without any issue. This saddle is created while keeping mini horses and mini riders in mind. Thus, it has adequate size and shapes for children. The rough leather finish of the seat and silver layered conchos makes it unique. The well-made western saddle can be an excellent product for the little angel.


  • Quick change buckles
  • Neoprene in skirts
  • Simple tan finish


  • An attractive design
  • Best saddle for children
  • Good quality construction


  • Suitable only for kids and mini horses

#3) King Series Comfort Gaited Saddle

The King Series Comfortable Gaited Saddle is perfect for long riding and is suitable for your gaited horse.

If you search for the best saddle for your gaited horse, then your search comes to an end here as this King Series Comfort gaited saddle fulfills your requirements. This is a lightweight saddle, so it does not add extra burden on your horse. It is made to fit perfectly on a gaited horse. The round skirt allows freedom of movement, and the smooth leather makes it durable.

The serpentine tooled border with padded seat gives comfort. Quick change buckles, saddle snaps, and gear strings with extra dee rings for gear add to its quality.

This gaited horse saddle does not look different from regular saddles. Gaited horses move differently, and because of these saddles for gaited horses have different tree shapes, it allows easy movements and freeing the back and shoulders.


  • Specially made for gaited horses
  • Padded seat for added comfort
  • Prevents pinching through the topline
  • Quick change buckles


  • Affordable
  • More flexibility
  • Made from quality material


  • None

#4) King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle

The lightweight saddle with padded seat offers riding comfort, and this synthetic trail saddle might be the best option for you.

While choosing the western saddle, there are several features and factors to keep in mind. Some choose a particular color or material while others look for seats and rigging. Padding is one of the important factors to consider, and quality padding is a good option. This saddle is fitted with the softest and comfortable padding making it ideal for long trail rides over bumpy terrains.

Saddles are much lightweight, and fenders are positioned to keep in a proper riding position. The saddles are used in conjunction with a breast collar, and it prevents the saddle from sliding backward on steep inclination, and the strings are also available on-trail gear. They feature synthetic skirts and fenders with colored suede leather seats—Horn, pommel, and jockey. The quick-change buckles, silver conchos, and shock-absorbing construction make it secure for riding. Synthetic skirts are scratch resistance, and padded stirrups relax joints relieving the stress.


  • Ideal for long riding
  • Padded seats
  • Quick change buckle
  • Silver conchos
  • Synthetic skirts


  • Minimalistic look
  • Shock absorbing
  • Comfortable
  • Attractive


  • Material quality needs improvement

#5) King Series Mesquite Mule Saddle

If you are looking for a best mule saddle, then wait! This is the perfect option as this mule saddle is a blend of beauty and functionality.

The saddle is designed with flatter bars to fit the mule's flat black and prevent rocking. It is comfortable for the rider and a mule for long riding.

It is perfect for those who pay attention to every minute detail. It is made of high-quality Oak skirting leather, facilitating a long life. The full padded seat offers you with the comfort on long rides. The tree provides even and full contact to fit the horse ensuring optimum balance. The features and specifications offered to make it a perfect choice available at an affordable cost.


  • Belvins style change buckles
  • Perfect for long hours of riding
  • Dark oil finish
  • Neoprene in skirts


  • Good quality construction
  • Changes shape to fit your body


  • Heavyweight
King Series Saddles

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Let us take a look on some aspects that you must keenly observe and keep in mind before buying the King Series Saddles are:

  • Material

The crucial factor to consider is the materials from which the saddle is made of. It could be either synthetic or leather material, wherein both have their advantages and disadvantages. In the last few years, synthetic saddles have attained huge popularity as they are lighter and easy to clean.

Saddles made of synthetic material come in different styles, colors and look most like leather counterparts but at a lesser price. Leather saddles are premium and durable, so they last for a lifetime. Proper cleaning and regular oiling keep the leather supple.

  • Type

The type of saddle is also necessary to consider because every saddle is made for a particular purpose. If you intend to ride in the dressage ring or jump in the hunter ring, you do not need to purchase a western pleasure. So, consider the saddle type that fits your riding discipline.

  • Budget

They range from a hundred to thousand dollars, so deciding your budget is of utmost importance and depends on how much you can afford. The cost of saddles can be cut by eliminating the extra detailing such as conchos, crystals, etc. Overall, a saddle must enhance your riding experience.

  • Style

It will help if you consider the overall style, such as bright colors, animal print or silver, and other details. Each rider has a personal preference, and there are lots of options to choose from. Some may prefer a saddle with more detailing, while others like a simple yet durable saddle. A stylish saddle adds beauty to your beast.

  • Horse Fit

A saddle must fit your horse because an ill-fitting saddle can cause health and training problems. You need to spend lots of money on a custom saddle to answer this problem. Horse's body change as they age. Consider the horse breed, overall size, and other characteristics like short back, high withers, or gait. These will help you in knowing the overall shape of the saddle. A good fit allows free movement of the horse.

  • Rider Fit

It is good that the horse is comfortable, but the rider's comfort is also essential to consider. The saddle that does not fit the rider compromises the position. Seat size, cantle height, stirrup position, pommel/fork height, and overall weight must be considered. Riders must be relaxed and feel secure while riding.


How to determine that the saddle fit?

Evaluation of the horse is necessary to determine the proper fit of the saddle, and different factors must be considered, such as anatomy, age, conformation issues, biomechanics, and health. The rider's related factors like weight, height, age, expertise, and riding level must also be considered.

The construction, suitability to rider and horse, and placement are of utmost importance. All these factors are necessary for a harmonious partnership. A professional saddle fitter must do the evaluation, and the rider must discuss the requirements. The saddle fits well only if the horse and rider is comfortable.

What is the best for a horse?

Unfortunately, no standard can decide the best, making you choose the perfect option difficult. Like clothes for humans are difficult to choose as not a single product is fit for every individual. Similarly, one saddle may not fit every horse due to the difference in physical characteristics.

Is it right to consider a used saddle?

Yes, a well maintained, comfortable, and the soft saddle is perfect to use. While you will buy a used saddle, it is necessary to check the condition of the material, the main stress points, and other parts.

Final Words

The above-mentioned King Series saddles are the best horse saddles that you can buy to enhance the riding experience. These king series saddle reviews will help you choose the best saddle. Different models are providing the support, comfort, suitability, and size for other riding conditions.

 Selecting the best king series saddle according to your need is essential. Otherwise, it may put the horse and rider in danger because of discomfort. This guide will help you get the saddle that meets the requirements at an affordable cost.

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