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5 Best Dressage Saddles Reviews & Buying Guides

Regardless of whether you’re a professional equestrian aiming for an Olympic gold medal or an amateur horse rider, choosing a high-quality saddle is indispensable. Opting for the best dressage saddle is critical if you want to hone your dressage, hacking, general, or Western riding skills. The dressage saddle for a short-backed horse can be identified […]

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Big Horn Saddle Reviews 2021: High Quality & Durable

It’s not clear when saddles were introduced, but we’re reasonably sure the first saddles were considered to come into existence when the riders used a blanket or girth for protection. From a blanket to padded protection of exquisite material, saddles have indeed come a long way — all the way to Big Horn saddles. By […]

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Best King Series Saddle Reviews: Check Your Need

A good saddle is a comfortable and supportive piece of horse equipment held onto the horseback by a girth or cinch. It provides stability to the rider and horse as well. The western saddle is made of distinct parts, and each upgrades the riding experience. The most important thing to keep in mind is the […]

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7 Best Calming Supplement for Horses For a Happy Horse!

Trying to find the best calming supplements for horses can be challenging. There are so many different varieties on the market, different brands, formulas and price points that the selection process can be an absolute minefield. It isn’t uncommon to feel at a loss about which brands are the best purchase for your horse. Never […]

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5 Best Double T Saddle Reviews 2021 With Feathers

The invention of the saddle has to go down as one of the most valuable of all time. Combined with the stirrup, secure transport revolutionized all sorts of society-wide issues. It sure beats being restricted to chariots or, worse, walking.  Now, there’s an enormous selection of saddles to choose from. Some brands stand out from others […]

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Top 5 Best Silver Royal Saddle Reviews 2021

When choosing a saddle, there are many things to consider and multiple brands. It can sometimes be a bit confusing attempting to find a saddle that will meet the needs of both rider and horse. Because there are so many aspects to choosing a saddle, we have created this guide of Silver Royal saddle reviews. […]

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Wintec Saddle Reviews 2021: Make the Right Purchase

The right saddle means protection for you and your horse, whether barrel racing, roping, or trail riding. Saddles should cradle both horse and rider, allowing them to both feel comfortable and secure. An ill-fitting or improperly made saddle can cause spinal damage to horses and can even lead to rider injuries. Reading our Wintec saddle […]

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Top 6 Billy Cook Saddles Reviews 2021 With Guides

The right saddle is essential for the comfort of you and your horse. Without the right saddle, slippage can occur and pressure can be placed on the horse’s spine. Degenerative changes can occur to a horse’s spine over time, and these changes are sometimes caused by improperly fitting saddles. With our Billy Cook saddles reviews, […]

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