5 Best Treeless Saddles Reviews: Find The Perfect One

The treeless saddle is the one that does not have a tree, but it isn’t only a pad. A saddle tree is a rigid and solid structure in which the padding and leather of saddles are made. Traditionally, a saddle consists of padding and layers of leather over a wood known as a tree that distributes the rider's weight on horseback.

There is a lot of controversy over saddle trees and their possibility of harming a horse's back. Saddle trees are made from materials like fiberglass combined with plastic, metal, and some wood. Small nails or staples are used to attach the leather of the saddle to the tree. It is important to buy the best treeless saddles for the horse, and the each treeless saddles review will help you for sure.

Why Choose Treeless Saddles?

Treeless saddles are popular as these are less-rigid structures and can be used on many horses with differently shaped backs. The problem with treed saddles is that they are hard to fit in many horses' backs because of their varying bone structure and width. A treeless saddle moves and flexes with the motion of a horse.

Treeless saddles can be used for every type of trail riding as most pressure points are eliminated. Trail horses can move several miles with minimal back soreness in treeless saddles. These saddles are best to choose when you have a short-backed horse because the rider's weight is concentrated on the weight-bearing area only.

Top 5 Picks of The Best Treeless Saddles Reviews

Treeless Saddles have evolved over the years and are now available in multiple types. It is important that you carefully compare the best products before making the purchase for your requirements.

#1) Cashel G2 Soft Saddle

Cashel G2 Soft saddle comes in a universal fit and suitable for horses of different sizes because of the flexible design. The saddle is available for seats ranging from medium to large sizes.

The saddle is comfortable for the horse and the rider. It fits between a traditional saddle and a bareback pad giving a pleasure riding. The saddle perfectly fits the flat-backed horses but not suitable for horses with more contoured back. The built-up seat provides security and comfort to riders. It is recommended to use a felt pad underneath the saddle.

Once the saddle fits the horse, and the rider will feel happy. The Cashel soft saddle teaches the rider to balance quickly more than a traditional saddle, and the rider feels better with the horse's motion. The stirrups keep the rider focused and centered on body position.


  • Wither strap for extra security for a less experienced rider
  • Back and front D ring for attaching breastplates, packs, or other accessories
  • Stirrups are adjustable


  • Quality construction and well made
  • Fabric provides extra grip
  • Well-padded and comfortable to sit
  • Comes with Western-style stirrups


  • Straps must be thin
  • Padding on the lower skirt interfere with legs

#2) Cwell Equine Synthetic All Purpose Treeless Saddle

Cwell Equine treeless saddle comes in varying sizes, so it fits horses of different sizes. This treeless saddle is made of incredibly soft synthetic material that can be cleaned easily. The saddle has a detachable seat, and fix panels are available underside. 

There is no hard component attached to the saddle, and thus it provides comfort to horse and the rider. The PU molded seat and flaps are soft, and the horse can take quick and sharp turns. It allows free movement of muscles so that your horse can enjoy. It is lightweight, and the horse does not feel any extra weight other than the rider's weight.

The flexibility and less weight help your horse to feel energetic. The treeless saddle fits varieties of the horse, and the detachable stirrups attachment Ebars allows changing your riding position.


  • The riding position can be changed with stirrup attachment
  • Flexible attachment keeps the horse energetic
  • Allow easy movement


  • Adjustable components
  • Soft synthetic material
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Requires sticky pads as the saddle slips

#3) Manaal Enterprises Synthetic Treeless English Horse Saddles

The Freemax treeless saddle is made from superior quality synthetic suede. The saddle provides comfort to the horse and rider. It has been designed on a flexible tree and ensures that the saddle adjusts the horseback without unwanted pressure. The fine-quality suede material gives comfort to the horse and the rider.

The deeply padded seat makes it easy for the rider to ride many miles without experiencing any discomfort. It is lightweight, and the Velcro system allows seat removal quickly for easy cleaning.

It is certainly one of the finest quality treeless saddle with washable synthetic PU molded seats and flaps. The Velcro system allows easy fixing and removal on the horse. The changeable wither iron arch is perfect to fit on varieties of horses. The fixed panels offer comfort, and the riders can easily change their position when required.


  • High quality washable, and soft synthetic suede
  • PU seat and flaps
  • No hard component
  • The detachable seat comes with a Velcro system


  • Reduced pressure points
  • Allows easy movement
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Secure


  • Fitting takes time

#4) Tough1 Treeless Endurance Saddle

Tough 1 treeless endurance saddle is budget-friendly and made of high-quality material.  This versatile saddle is available in medium and large sizes. 

The Tough 1 treeless saddle is lightweight and features a molded padded synthetic micro-suede seat. The underneath high quality fleece offers extra comfort to the horse. The saddle is equipped with two dee rings. The weatherproof and washable gullet bar underneath the seta is flexible and adjusts with the horse easily. The detachable seat allows easy removal and converting to a bareback pad. It also includes matching girth.

The product does not compromise on quality despite being budget-friendly. When riding for long hours, the synthetic suede seats are extremely comfortable. The versatile model allows your horse to enjoy long-distance riding.


  • Specially crafted for long-distance riding
  • High quality synthetic suede seat
  • No pressure points
  • Allows free muscle movement


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Fits all horses
  • Flexible


  • Material quality needs improvement

#5) HILASON Classic Treeless Western Trail Barrel Saddle

Hilason Treeless Saddle is unique and comes with intriguing features with an improved design that sets a new landmark in the world of treeless saddles.

Hilason is the proud manufacturer of treeless saddles and the fastest-growing brand in the market. This fantastic saddle is made from only the top quality and finest materials backed with superior workmanship. The quality of genuine skirting leather is picked from the best tanneries. The strategically designed saddle has a distinct skirt structure and the stirrup webbings that absorb and distribute the rider's weight, which is more than any treeless saddle in the industry. The saddle eliminates the chances of pressure point more than many expensive saddles. It goes equal in size to the regular western seat size.

Using this treeless saddle makes the horse faster, flexible, and serene by distributing rider weight evenly. It allows your horse to take quick and sharp turns during racing. The treeless saddle keeps your horse energetic and fits all types of horses. Using this treeless saddle allows free movement of the muscle of your horse. The saddle is lightweight, and thus your horse feels comfortable. From draft to pony, this treeless saddle is a perfect choice.


  • Matching front Cinch straps
  • Premium quality material
  • Fits all horses from draft to pony
  • Prevents pressure points


  • Comfortable for rider and horse
  • Uses Western accessories regularly
  • Long-lasting as it is made of superior quality material


  • Available only in Tan color

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Treeless Saddle

Let us discuss essential things that must be taken into consideration when buying a treeless saddle.


There are different types of treeless saddles where some may have a fiberglass cantle and pommel, while others might not be a full tree inside. Some treeless saddles may have layers of padding only.

You also get to choose from different makes and models, so it is necessary to try before you buy an English or western saddle. The market treasures varieties of designs ranging from attractive bareback pads with stirrups to the simple leather saddle.

Horse fit

The treeless saddle design has no gullet, so horses with visible spines above the back muscle needs a pad with a built-in gullet. It is crucial to get the treeless saddle that fits your horse comfortably because when the saddle rests on the spine, the horse may drop you back due to pain in muscle and making it sore.

Chunky horses with the bony hard part of the spine below the muscle may not require a special pad as the muscle works as a pad with a gullet. The treeless saddles are impossible to fit on the horses with big hollows or very high withers on each side.


Generally, treeless saddles are not made for jumping. However, small jumps are fine while trail riding. The English versions are designed for jumping but may not provide stability and support to the rider and cause pressure points. The jump puts pressure on the leathers and stirrups. These saddles are beneficial in camp or school settings. Also, when riders are under therapeutic programs, these saddles are perfect to use as they give the close feel of the horse's movement.

Rider fit

For a rider, a saddle must give you a feel of security and protection. An incorrect fit can be dangerous and leave the rider at risk for a fall. Different models of treeless saddles offer distinct twist shapes, so a rider must find a saddle that fits his hips and pelvis's anatomy. The comfort level in the saddle will tell the appropriate twist fit.


Manufacturers prefer making treeless saddles, and many companies come up with specific designs and ways to meet the horse and rider's requirements. While purchasing an option, rider must check that the changes are made in symmetry because an uneven saddle can lead to muscle soreness either to horse or rider.

Treeless v. Treed: Which you Need to Go With?

Treeless saddles are appropriate for all types of horses, and they are a cost-effective and easy solution if the horse needs customized saddles due to the shape and width of his bones. Treeless saddles are flexible and conform to the horses' backs due to the hard tree's absence.

If you have a young horse, then the treeless saddle is a perfect choice as it will fit the horse from young to adult. These saddles offer a closer contact ride, and the rider can feel the activity and help to spot balance to maintain equilibrium. Treeless saddles are lightweight and easy to fit on horses.

Treed Saddles have rigid construction that can hinder horses' comfort and movement if pressure points are not fitted correctly. These saddles need regular maintenance, at least annually. The wind of the tree, angle of tree points, and curve of bars must fit the horse and rider appropriately. These saddles can be heavy like western saddles are heavy and weigh 15 kilos and more. When it comes to Western saddles, billy cook barrel saddles are popular among people.


  • Where to place a saddle?

Placing the saddle is straightforward. The dressage style girth should be hands width back from the front legs of a horse. It may look little back when compared to the treed saddle, but you should not worry. The horse will feel the weight where the rider is sitting. You can get on the horse bareback and look where you sit and this is the natural position of saddle for a horse that your treeless saddle will sit.

  • Why are treeless saddles popular?

The rider moves in harmony with the natural gait when on a treeless saddle. The saddle's weight is reduced considerably due to the absence of a rigid tree structure that is beneficial for the horse and rider.

This all combines to create a balance, harmony, freedom of movement, and uplifting performance. The treeless saddles give the closest experience of bareback riding, however, with the added security. The rider can feel the natural movement of the horse.

  • How to ride with a treeless saddle?

The rider needs to go with the movement and not try to sit still. Riding on a bareback horse and using a treeless saddle is the same. 

Final Words

Treeless saddles are universally accepted, and manufacturers prefer making them as cheap and fast to make with little skill required. Treeless saddles are one of the best things for the horse and riders. This advancement on the long-used bareback pad and the treeless saddle is bendable with layers of foam for bearing the rider's weight.

They are made of leather or synthetic materials and available in different varieties of English and western style. The current models of treeless saddles appear the same as a traditional tack. The above-mentioned treeless saddle reviews will help you to find the best treeless saddle.

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